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December 01, 2019 1 min read

Fierce Chick Friday Image of Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson is an American photographer and multimedia artist who is best known for her use of photo-text installations, collages and films that explore identity and reflect upon her own experience as an African-American woman. Born and raised in New York, she rose to fame in the 1980’s for her exploration of themes and ideas on identity politics. In her works, she questions and challenges narrow and conventional ideas about women, race and culture.

Lorna Simpson Collage

Lorna frequently uses her medium to convey a high level of conceptual sophistication and social awareness regarding universality and individuality. Today, she continues to create from her studio in Brooklyn through the use of video installations, photography and collages. She has been featured in numerous books of her work, and her art is displayed in museums and exhibits worldwide. 

Lorna Simpson


Our Fierce Chick Friday series is where we share stories about women who inspire us.  Be they iconic women of note, our talented and ceative collaborators, or women we know personally, they all have one thing in common.  They are epic Elegant Badasses and inspire us to live our best lives.