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In addition to the time-honored ancient beauty of gold, White/Space jewelry is also crafted from solid 14k gold because of its durability and recyclability. We re-use the waste materials of our design and production processes. All of the raw precious metals we use are made from recycled material, purchased from green certified refineries that meet the highest standards for ethical sourcing and minimal environmental impact.

We also recycle all of our scraps generated in the development and production process of our jewelry. All of our diamonds are conflict-free, from sources that adhere to the Kimberley Process, from Canadian mines, or from post-consumer sources (recycled diamonds that are removed from antique/vintage jewelry.) When we wear recycled materials we honor our own power to adapt, reinvent and flourish. It also reduces our carbon footprint. By also using gems sourced from Canadian mines and Kimberly-certified distributors, we support an honest day’s work from the various global communites who depend on mining to support their families and livelihoods.

We also offer our custom bridal clients the option to choose lab-created diamonds rather than 'natural" earth-mined stones. They are visually and chemically the exactly the same as mined diamonds, but do not contribute to the land destruction and resource depletion in the way that naturally-mined stones do.