WHITE/SPACE is a brand born of a love for the beauty of restraint in design, the inherent grace of feminine strength, and the necessity to treat our environment and each other with love and respect.

We design for our fellow modern woman - mothers, sisters, friends, confidants, rulebreakers, entrepreneurs, badasses - all gorgeously complex individuals and an endless source of inspiration.  Founder and Designer Khadijah Fulton works hard to pare each piece in the White/Space collection down to it’s essence, as well as think through how it can be seamlessly integrated into a modern woman’s lifestyle.   By providing long-lasting modern treasures that compliment who you are, she aims to bring attention to the individual style and beauty within.

We’re grounded in a belief that magnificence lies in elegance, not ostentation. Pursuing sophistication in the unexpected, we create thoughtfully designed pieces that are unique, yet crafted to be versatile and cherished for years.  With aesthetic influences hailing from mid-century architecture and ancient goldsmithing to minimalist art and sculpture, the entire WHITE/SPACE collection explores the marriage of daring dichotomies—earthy and modern, streamlined and textured, restrained and sexy, delicate and strong.

We also believe that we vote for the future with our purchases, so we are constantly working to create our pieces as sustainably and responsibly as we can, creating an opportunity for you to choose with purpose and intention.  We use recycled gold and conflict free stones, and as firm believers in quality-over-quantity, we support small US-based businesses, making each piece by hand in Khadijah's Seattle studio or in partnerships with small manufacturers and artisans in Seattle and Los Angeles.