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June 18, 2022 2 min read

As a Black female entrepreneur, creative, and small business owner, appreciating Black excellence is of the utmost importance to me. We stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, and we must pave the way even further for those who are to come.

Black history is American history, and we are making history every day. Celebrating and supporting Black and BIPOC communities is an aspect I like to integrate into many different aspects of my day-to-day life. This Juneteenth I wanted to highlight a few ways you can show up for and support members of the Black Community.

Khadijah Signature


@theblackfashionmovement mission is to normalize supporting and buying Black-owned fashion brands.



2. @nycxstudio

Sisters with a knack for telling stories and building community, championing inclusive storytelling online and IRL. 

NYCXStudio instagram


3. NAO

English songwriter and record producer from East London. Her sound has been described as soul combined with electronic music, funk, and R&B. Nao coined the term "wonky funk" to describe her style.

Nao album cover


4. Common

A Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1 is affirmation, it's recognition, it's elevation, it's music to go with a movement. Seven new songs and two new interludes that catch Common at the prime in his career.


5. Oat Cinnamon Studio

A black woman-owned botanical design studio. Coming into the floral industry by way of graphic design and a background in the fashion industry, Ryan Norville brings her varied creative background into her work. 

Oat Cinnamon began from a love of nature, creating and diving into one's daydreams. For Ryan, becoming a florist was once a fantasy she often dreamed of and now let's her imagination lead her floral designs.

6. Thebe Magugu

A luxury South African fashion brand, THEBE MAGUGU offers ready-to-wear collections exploring parrallel concepts through multidisciplinary capsule projects. Between pillar practies of cultural honor, novelty and uncompromising quality, they are establishing an identity marked by self-evolving timelessness.

7. The History Makers

So much important African-American greatness has been overlooked or untold, depriving subsequent generations of knowledge of the excellence that came before them. The History Makers is on a mission to preserve the stories of African American groundbreakers for all to learn from.


8. @maisonblacknewyork

An online retailer curating exclusive Black designers.